ReadTracker 3

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What is ReadTracker?

ReadTracker is a tool for keeping track of your reading.

How does it work?

To use ReadTracker you start the app and add your book. Either by searching for it on Google Books or entering the information manually.

Once the book is added you simply open it up and click the Start button to start timing your reading. Then you can put the app away and read at your book, regardless if it's a book you hold in your hand or an app on your phone.

Once you've finished reading for this time, you click stop and tell ReadTracker how far you came. If you finished the book you can also enter a few words on what you thought about it to remember when you go through your reading history.

What does it cost?

ReadTracker is completely free. I would very much appreciate a few kind words in a review though if you found the app useful.


Keep a list of all your currently read books, to remind you that you are reading them, and to see how far you've come.
See how much time you have left in your book, and get an estimate on how much you have to read each day to finish it within a certain timespan.

Build up a trail of reading history to visualize your reading habits.

Easily and non-intrusively track how long you read each time. Quickly adjust the time if your mind races off into something else for a while, and you want your tracking to still make sense.
Keep quotes of the favorite parts of your book to give yourself a quick recap of the story when you've finished the book.
Write down a few words the book after you've finished it. Either as mini reviews to other poeple, or as a reminders to yourself of your thoughts right in the moment of finishing it.
Get it on Google Play